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I love Jesus, but I cuss a little

I saw this tee-shirt on Facebook and immediately could relate.  I am always amazed by the instant filter of deciding “good” and “bad”–“christian” or “heathen”.  The one that seems to be the first test is if you curse.  I am a very spiritual person with a deep residing faith in God, but yes I curse….  Now, now, before you start your wagging fingers, let’s talk about the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart.  You see I always believed that watching my tongue had more to do with not being a mean horrible person, than if I used some flowery-expressive expletives.  Now don’t get me wrong, when insulting someone you could surely up the ante by adding a few four letter words.  In general, not using the words in a direct insult, I find I am much more concerned with whether or not I am  uplifting my fellow brothers and sisters more than whether or not I use a curse word here or there.

In writing  this piece I am reminded of one of my all-time favorite Miranda Lambert songs  “A Heart Like Mine”

     “I heard Jesus he drank wine, and I bet we’d get along just fine….and I bet he’d understand a heart like mine

In an out cry to justify herself to be accepted in our modern-day church I wonder how many others feel exactly the same way?

Just maybe that leads us to another forest–trees conversation?  Are we so concerned about judging someone right off the bat, that we forget to get to know them?   Is one of the reason young people aren’t embracing  the traditions of church and faith, that our parents and grandparents held dear, because we are being pompous assholes?  (see there I go again)  It’s a question for us and our congregations to think about.  I think we all would like to have a check list that we go through: did you do these items?  Great you are in!  Now do you?   Oh no you can’t come in!  The truth is, and the reason Jesus himself was so radical in his time, he did not have a check list!  In fact he did the opposite, he included the worst, he had dinner with those that were despised.  The Jesus story is so amazing and hard to follow because it goes against our human nature.   We all want to know what are the steps, what items must I check off to get from point A to point B?  It’s not just cursing that doesn’ t make it through the filter of “goodness” how about the tattooed guy, do you assume he’s in a “Hell’s Angel” group instead of a prayer group?  The girl with the nose ring, the kid with the goth makeup, the one with a different color skin, or sexual orientation?  What filter are we using that is keeping us from following the lessons of Jesus which is inclusion!  May we all be the type of person that other people feel free to express themselves, and feel free to join on Sunday morning. #LOVEONEANOTHER

A Heart Like Mine


2 comments on “I love Jesus, but I cuss a little

  1. Connie Haas
    June 27, 2015

    I think this one is my favorite… 🙂


    • Connie Haas
      June 27, 2015

      I love Jesus and I cuss a little too.


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