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 I don’t know about you but patience isn’t something that comes naturally for me, my ex-husband would say “You don’t have one patient in your whole body,” meaning not even a particle of the virtue resides within my being.   I guess it’s true most things I want done… yesterday.  This has gotten me into a great deal of hot water through the years.  

Abraham and Sarah come to mind, what a great story of patience or the absence of patience. Sarah not having the patience to wait upon the Lord gives her servant Hagar in desperation to get the family she desires so intensely.  Then of course when her hasty decision comes to fruition she is upset and desperate to have everything changed back.  I know that’s a familiar story in my life…Let me do this now Lord!, I got this!!!! RUSH, RUSH, and then….oh crap!  Yet, waiting is so hard and God does seem to move on a much slower clock than I would prefer.  Maybe it is a great lesson we all should learn. Wait upon the Lord.  Why is it we are so impatient?  Especially in this time in the world we must have everything now!  If we need weather, or news, or directions our little phones immediately spit out the information.  Hungry?  Within minutes we can drive through any number of places for a hot meal.  If it takes more than just a few minutes we are angered!  Everything we want is literally at our fingertips.  I guess that’s one of the reasons that patience is even harder to come by these days.  At Least Sarah waited years … we find it hard to wait minutes, dare I say seconds.  I know that if I am looking at a story on FB for instance and it doesn’t load immediately … I am on to the next.  I probably have already lost 40-50% of the readers of this blog by now! LOL

I don’t know the answer.  Yep you have wasted precious minutes of your life reading this piece with no answers! Well, maybe I do have some insight, the Bible says cast your cares upon the Lord, keep your mind on things above.  In my study of Buddhism I am learning to be mindful in everything, washing my bowl out after breakfast, writing, eating, being mindful of what is here and now is very helpful when developing more patience.  Keeping my eyes on the things that really matter; love, family, God make all the worries of the day seem small, casting my cares on the Lord, knowing that he sees the forest while I am neorotic over one small tree.  Letting go.

This is my struggle, this is my journey for the now and I am trying to be mindful, trusting and seeing the big picture, maybe this helps you too, as we wait.


#Loveoneanother #loveyourself #bemindful


One comment on “Waiting….

  1. Bo Williams
    June 18, 2015

    Timely post for me to read. Thank you ma’am!


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