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I get knocked down, but I get up again!

You ain’t never gonna get me down!!!  Do you remember that 90’s song?  I do!  Always thought it had a catchy hook.  I guess you can say that is the theme song of my life and probably many of yours.  It is so easy to let negative thoughts invade our space and think…well here I am again, down in the proverbial gutter, I am fat again, or broke or lonely, but getting knocked down is part of the journey.  In fact it’s a very important part of the process of becoming the best you!

A great Japanese proverb says  “Fall down 7 times get up 8” comes to mind, it’s ok to fall just keep getting up!  It’s easy to let negative thoughts keep us down, “you are never getting any better,”  ” you always end up failing”  Answer those with that song “BUT I GET UP AGAIN!”  That’s the difference folks, the getting up not the getting down, you think you are the only one to suffer?  to fail?  to fall?  absolutely not, the difference comes when you learn from the fall and try again.

I also like to put things in perspective for myself, even Jesus the divine got tired asked the father if it be his will take this cup from me, “Abba, Father,” he said, “everything is possible for you. Take this cup from me. Yet not what I will, but what you will.” Mark 14:36  Think about that, Jesus, son of God, had doubts wanted to re-think the hard path.  Why do we then beat ourselves up so much when we have troubles?   He got angry in the temple with the money changers, he got discouraged when the closest to him could not stay up and pray with him in the hours he needed them most.  Then there are the disciples — the “Holy” men, how many times did they fall?  Peter – “the rock on whom I build my church” denied Christ three times, even when Jesus had warned him he would fall.

For many years I have thought to be the best human I could be would be to obtain perfection.  Unfortunately, that is not how we are wired, to err is human.  Let’s face it, even if we could live “perfect” lives what’s the gain in that?  One does not learn from walking a perfect path, we grow and learn through the difficulties and failures.  We need those trials to become our best selves.

So my brothers and sister count it all gain when you fail for it is the refinement you need to become the best you which is what  the world needs.

Thanks Be to God!




One comment on “I get knocked down, but I get up again!

  1. c.a. Marks
    August 16, 2015

    Well, I’ve known for many years that I am not perfect. I am also tired of having to get back up again and again and again. But, this reading is timely as you know I have been “down” lately too. But I am allowing others outsides direct my insides and I need to stop. Thanks for this.

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