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Be Filled with Wonder and Awe!

So earlier this week  I was headed home from a long day and I had the most terrible migraine attacking my senses.  My head hurt so bad and as the imaginary metal prongs pressed into my head, I could only think of one thing…GET HOME.  But then something happened as I approached the last few turns, almost to my sanctuary, I noticed the most beautiful art in the sky.  The sun was setting and the sky  was filled with pastel colors of blue and pink as if God had been playing with his pastel chalks in the sky.  I had to get a picture…I rushed past my last turn knowing that at the top of the hill across the pasture land would be the prime spot.  Rushing to get there, hoping not to miss the sunset as it was almost over I was in awe of the absolute  artistry displayed before me.

 I jumped out of my car and began taking in this breathtaking sight, the rolling hills dotted with hay bales, the small vineyard, the cows, and the spectacular sky.  None of my pictures really do it justice, but all the same I share them, and in that moment head still pounding, I was so aware of how grateful I was to live in such a lovely place.   That got me thinking about all the beauty around us, how often do we let life crowd our minds leaving no room to breath, to stop and smell the roses?  We are not promised tomorrow and yesterday is gone, but today we have the privilege to be on this beautiful earth, have our precious families, children, friends.  We have today to take in God’s work no more no less.

But Jesus answered, “I tell you, if these become silent, the stones will cry out!”  Luke 19:40


As I stared in awe and wonder at the magnificent sky I thought how can anyone think this is an accident?  The beauty was beyond compare.  I know you feel the same way when you see a beautiful flower or animal or the face of your child.  Breath in these moments, be grateful and meditate on these things, because my brothers and sister this is happiness, peace, contentment — this is the Love of God.  Fill up your soul and then let it pour out onto all those around you.

Each morning before school I pray with my boys and I always end it this way “May the Love of Christ shine through us this day and may we share that love with those around us”  This is my prayer for you brothers and sisters.

LOVE,   Cameron @EPLotusFlower

Here is a video by Rob Bell that I just love as he talks about finding our childlike wonder and awe of the world around us, listen to it I know you will be blessed!


2 comments on “Be Filled with Wonder and Awe!

  1. c.a. Marks
    August 25, 2015

    Thank you for this reminder. I have long forgotten this way of living.

    Liked by 1 person

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