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What was thought to be big…is really very small #bloglikecrazy

For as long as I can remember, I have been asking what is my mission?  What does God have planned for me in this life?  What is MY life’s work?  I still find myself asking those questions, feeling there is more for me to do.  I have been waiting for the curtain to be pulled back on life’s door number three with the “life’s work” revealed.

Then the other day kind of out of the blue I realized maybe this BIG life’s work is not big at all.  We can’t all be Mother Teresa, or the Dahli Lama, but I think it’s no less important to be Cameron, John, Sally.  I began to ask myself what differences can I make in my immediate world?  Who needs a word of encouragement, what client needs me to spend 20 more min so they can tell me about the life of their resently lost spouse?  Do my children need me to put down the cell phone and really listen to the story of the crazy kid at school, or watch one of those practical joke shows with them so that we can laugh together?    As I began to meditate on this thought and how many opportunities to minister, or show kindness or just be there for those around me, these little things seemed really like BIG things!

What little things can you do today that are really BIG things?  Look around notice those in need.  Share a smile, a comforting word or just give someone a needed hug.

Thanks be to God for all that we have to give!




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