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Fall #bloglikecrazy

Stepping outside the sensation of the brisk-cool air of autumn touches my bare skin and blows gently through my freshly fixed hair.  The air is thin and cool, the landscape a kaleidoscope of golden yellows, rich reds and tawny oranges.  There is a kind of magic as I observe the falling leaves swirl around my head.  It’s not too cold, not yet, not that kind of painful cold of winter, just a feeling of invigoration like you get when you sip an ice cold Coke-a-Cola.


The children are in full swing in school and we begin to think of up-and-coming pumpkin pies and stuffed turkeys. I love fall, more than any other time of year. I love this season of the year most here in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains because it is crisp and chilly, the clothes we wear begin to grow and the hot, sticky, humid days of summer have bid their adieu.  I love the scarves and the hats, I love the boots and the leggings, I love the jeans and sweatshirts.  Fall means warm bowls of  chilies and stews, hot chocolate and coffee, and evenings filled with bright stars, dark navy skies and me nestled up under heavy quilts.  There are no other times in the calendar I adore more than these frosty precursors to winter.  I look around more at the earth, I feel the air, I enjoy the earth beneath, around and above me.  I bathe in the luxury of her feels, all of them.  In these moments I am closer to my maker, my soul, closer to the peace I desperately want to find.

This fall has taken her sweet time arriving, like a southern belle at her cotillion ball we have all had to wait for these treasures to arrive, but much the same she has been worth every minute of delay.  What is your favorite season and why?  Are you taking time to enjoys God’s beautiful earth?  Find a moment of beauty in today and every day.

#lovetheearth #loveoneanother #bloglikecrazy




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