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Savor! #bloglikecrazy


to give oneself to the enjoyment of

Savor is the word of the day this fabulous Friday!  We are moving so fast, in this life, that we rarely stop to savor the magnificent.  You might think finding this would be difficult, but I dare to submit before you three ordinary aspects, in our lives that we should SAVOR more!

  1.  FOOD — Yes we should savor our food!  In this world of fast food and convenience food do we ever really stop and savor our meals?  How many times have you finished a meal, possibly driving down the road, only to be left thinking “did I taste that?” Secondly, in a world of magazine, and 0-2 size models how often do we shame ourselves for every bite of food that’s not on our “diet” of the moment?  I propose you stop and enjoy your meals, snacks and even cheats!  Life is short, pork fat and chocolate are GOOD!  When you slow down and savor that morsel you might even find you don’t need to consume as much to be satisfied….which might in turn help you on your quest for healthier eating!  Savor your food. 20161111_123015.jpg
  2. OUR CHILDREN — All too often in this “more is better” society, we live in today, we are carting our children to every event and activity humanly possible (sometimes impossible).  When do we just slow down and savor the time we have with them?   How many times have they tried to tell us something about their day and we pushed them off for a later time, that never arrives?  Are we so busy making sure we give them every advantage in this life that we have forgotten the thing they need most? Us.  Yes our children need us to listen, to instruct, and to guide them through this perilous world of bigotry and unkindness, materialism and “me” thinking, a world that all too often has no concept of mindfulness, modesty and moderation in life.  So take time to savor those conversations about the crazy kid in class, or the funny thing that happened in the lunchroom or even their latest Instagram meme.  Savor your children (or nieces, or nephews, or little sisters,  or brothers) img_20161030_103328
  3. OUR PARENTS — As my grandmother has entered her 91st year and is a captive more and more to dementia and my parents have begun their 65th year, I am more and more aware of how much the time we have means to me.  I watch my mother and her brother as they do their best to care for a woman they deeply love, but in many ways isn’t the mother they remember anymore.  The days of having her all with us, has long passed as the dementia takes over her once sharp as a tack mind.  How long will I have with my mother?  No one lives forever, and the last years at times may not be the mother I have known.  I now try my best to savor the times I have with my parents.  Maybe you don’t have parents still here, or in your life for one reason or another, but I bet there is an elder in your life that you appreciate.  Savor them.  Savor your parents. #LoveOneAnother





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