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What if God …. #bloglikecrazy


“What if God were one of us…just a slob like one of us?”  Do you remember that song? Today’s blog isn’t about God being a slob, but how in our furry companions I think we can find God everyday.  I propose to you that if we can see in our pets the unconditional love they give, we might be just a little closer to understanding God’s love for us.  Think about it, no matter how long we are gone, or even when we forget their favorite food or toy they love us.  They are elated to see us as soon as we walk in the door!  They can’t wait to spend more time with us no matter the hour.  There have been so many times, especially when I was single and the kids were gone, that my dog or my cat was my only comfort.  I have talked to them, laughed at them and even cried with them being my soft place to fall.  With each emotion that we face, they remain steady by our sides, and most importantly they are present with us, being the friend we need.


I imagine God is much the same – it’s not what we say, or how we say it, but rather that we spend the time with him/her.  God is always waiting for us to spend time with him/her, always wanting to just be near us and let us pour our hearts out.  No matter how long the road has been or how far we have strayed he/she is just happy to have us home. Our pets sit with us in our sicknesses, they play with us when we are well, they guard and protect us, some even give their lives for us.  They are fiercely loyal and remember us though we may be away for long extended times.   The truth is, that as much as my pets love me to come home, I love to see them more I think? They have been such a source of love and help to me so many times, as I’ve stroked their fur and cried out my little sorrows, it’s really me that redeems the reward in the end.  I think that’s the same way with prayer or meditation — WE are the recipients of the gift.  God doesn’t have us pray so that he/she feels better, it’s so we can rest our burdens, relieve our worried minds, tell our stories.  What a gift we have in our furry companions!  I know I am blessed to have mine, do you feel the same?  If so leave a picture of your pet and a message of love below!  I would love to see how you are blessed by your furry friends!

#LoveOneAnother #dogspelledbackwardsisGOD #bloglikecrazy



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