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Never Doubt in the Darkness What You’ve Seen in the Light

It was several years ago when I first heard this said…don’t doubt in the darkness what you’ve seen in the light, I don’t know that I truly understood the depth of its wisdom, at the time, but it stuck in my consciousness for all these years.


Have you ever had a moment when you truly knew that God was speaking to you?  OR the universe or whatever you deem that inner voice?  In that moment, it’s as if you have your very own red sea parting, you know the direction that you are called, the “thing” you are to do, the person whom you need to speak.  I have had those moments and I am willing to bet you have as well.  You are in a space and time where everything is crystal clear, a calm peace presides over you, and you see the light.  Unfortunately, I have found all to often, that peace is soon interrupted by life, or self-doubt, negative self-talk, or those around us with whom we share this moment.  Thoughts like, “Who am I to think I could ever do that?”  “I must be just dreaming!” “No one would ever think I was educated enough, smart enough, holy enough….”  the list goes on.  Life often gets in the way, the kids, the responsibilities etc…however, I would like to examine that we should not forget the light moment – it was there for a reason, it was not for naught that you had that moment, and yes life and negativity would love to pull you back down, but do not succumb to that dragon of negativity.


I recently had such a moment in my life, when our seminarian visited the parish,  I was overwhelmed by God’s presence, and a confirmation and peace about my journey and the path I was to take.  In that “light” moment, it was as if angels visited and pure manna from heaven came down.  In the days to follow, kids messed up, fights were had, I had my own self-doubts and I really started to doubt all the feelings that I had that Sunday morning…maybe it was just indigestion. Then a funny thing happened, a sign of sorts, I guess you could say.  One morning, leaving in a hurry for work, as usual, I saw my bible lying on the couch and  I had a vision of that bible, one I had owned and cherished since about 13, being torn to pieces by my German shepherd, but what nonsense it had been there for days.  I left….and came home to it torn to shreds in the floor, I was aghast and frankly a little weirded out, for the sight was exactly as I had envisioned.  For me this was what brought my mind back to the title of this blog, this was the confirmation that the Holy Spirit, God, my Higher Power speaks clearly to me when I will listen.  Now I realize that this could be easily explained away by many, I am not so arrogant to think otherwise, but for me it was my sign to not get lost in the darkness to listen and see the light.

Life often gets in the way of our paths to completion of our missions or purposes, and it is far to easy to say well there goes that…to throw the baby out with the bath water, if you will.  No one ever said those “light” moments were meant to happen without side steps or zigzags and the way we think it will come about almost never happens.  Yet I tell you my brothers and sisters there is a plan, there is a way, never-ever forget what you saw in the light, be open to endless possibilities, let God do a good work in you!  Let positivity be your guide, set the naysayers aside, and meditate on the good, the light, the purpose of your exquisite existence on this planet our island home.



Love Always,




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