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Knocking on Closed Doors

This morning I decided I would get back in my walking routine, because it is finally above freezing in North Alabama. My little dog Charlie is small and only has a thin wire coat, so I opted to leave her inside while the German Shepherd and I made the 2.5 mile walk in the cold rainy weather.  I knew Charlie would get very cold and it wouldn’t be a good time for her to walk.  She although did not understand this and pressed her nose to the front window and howled in protest as Xena and I headed off on the walk.  I could hear her cries all the way down the road load moans and barks, beckoning me to come back and take her along.  That got me to thinking…how often are we like Charlie?  The heavenly Father closes a door to protect us from the cold, but we throw a fit!  We knock on the door, we pull on the handle, we howl in protest!  We want that job, or that relationship so badly that we cannot see that we are being protected.

My mother gave me a great piece of advice years ago, that I rarely adhered to, but in my advancing age I think I am finally learning.  She said, “If something is too hard to make happen, maybe it’s not meant to be.”  Many times in my life I found myself trying to shove a round peg in a square hole.  I would be feverishly trying to make a man love me or get a job I thought was perfect, make a deal come together for real estate, the list goes on.  Over and over as I think back if I had just listened and not forced the situations I would have been better off.  Just as Charlie was much better off not freezing this morning on a hike in the bitter cold.

So the next time you find yourself pressed to the window of life begging for something on the other side of a closed door…take the words of Saint Paul to heart. oh not Paul of the bible Paul Mccartney!

“When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom, Let it be….Let it be, Let it be, Let it be Let it be, whisper words of wisdom, Let it be…”

Be open to the signals all around you, listen to your heart, and the divine within don’t try to hard to make something that may not be meant for you happen.


Love always, Peace be with you,





One comment on “Knocking on Closed Doors

  1. Suzanne Sheier
    January 9, 2018

    Love this post , Cameron. Oh, what words of wisdom!

    Love you!


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