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Today’s blog is not entirely my own, no, there have been many that have inspired this post along the way.  I am happy and thankful for the journey and those that have encouraged and lifted me up though the times of loss.

We have all experienced it, the loss of a close friend, or lover.  In that moment we are devastated, we wonder what went wrong?  Mostly it’s been my experience that we start to take inventory of what we have lost, and our flaws that must have contributed to the loss.  Maybe if I was prettier, wealthier, if I just had kept my mouth shut more, are the questions we ask ourselves.  In a life time we experience this many times, but I am here to give you a new perspective.


As I look back on those that didn’t choose me, those I lost, it has come to me that I really didn’t lose anything at all.  You see the love we feel is within ourselves, the greatness, all the butterflies, the good times, even the romance, was all created within this wonderful person we call ourselves.  Many times I have discovered, the other person is simply holding up a metaphorical mirror reflecting back our greatness.  It is because of the light and goodness, in our own hearts, that allows us to love and to receive love.  There are many that are full of bitterness and hatred, they have not yet been able to release, and they can’t even feel love.  If you have loved you are blessed to be able to love.  What a wonderful gift to have and to be able to share.  There is no feeling or wonder you have felt that wasn’t created within you.  Like train you may have had a passenger for a while and that passenger may exit the trip, but you my love are the train.  You are the engine that makes the train move, the coals that stoke the fire, the wheels that run along the track.  YOU make that train move and go wherever you will.  When I find myself down, I talk to me as if I was talking to a beloved child or precious friend…what would you say to them?  “Look at you! Look at your beautiful heart!”  You loved so wonderfully, you gave chances when chances were not deserved, you saw the goodness in a person, and loved them for who they were.  You embraced their flaws, you treated them well, you gave your all even when it was taking a chance with your own heart. You see, that my dear, is love, and that came from your own heart, your beautiful soul.  No one, no, not anyone can ever take that from you, because it came from you, it was given by you, and even if the recipient  is no longer there, nothing is lost.  Can you wrap your brain and more importantly your heart around that?  You were the love, the love came from you, and resides within you and it is no less because someone outside of you couldn’t accept it, or decided against it.  How precious and wonderful you are for the love you gave and the love you have, have always had, and will always have!  You are the love.


Today is Holy Saturday the day that Jesus lay in a tomb, cold and dead.  The day His followers must have been brokenhearted and confused.  Here a man they thought was divine, a man they thought would change their world, was gone.  How defeated and scared they must have been.  They had lost their leader the one in whom they put their trust, the one who had shown them love of the Father.  In these dark moments we are not sure what to do, but we know the rest of the story – He arose, and for Christians around the world tomorrow we celebrate the joy of redemption.

love within

I believe our life is the story of love, loss and redemption over and over again.  We love, we lose, and then we are redeemed in many, many different ways as we go through this journey.  Over and Over again we are reminded that there is hope, and light at the end of the dark hallways.

May today be the day you find redemption, not in a passenger along the way, but in your own heart and soul.  May you cling tightly to the absolute truth that YOU are the love you give and receive.  You are the light reflected and refracted.  It is you.  It has always been you.

Go in Peace to LOVE, yourself.

Cameron ❤


One comment on “Loss

  1. Todd
    May 2, 2019

    i am not eloquent with words as you, but i can say thank you for your insight! i pray that your train also finds a passenger of love


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