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Knocking on Closed Doors

My mother gave me a great piece of advice years ago, that I rarely adhered to, but in my advancing age I think I am finally learning.  She said, “If something is too hard to make happen, maybe it’s not meant to be.”

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In the Bleak Midwinter

“How can we create a world that is less judgmental  and more kind?  How can we cultivate kindness, and love in our world?”

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“As Far back as I can Remember I Always Wanted to be a Gangster.”

“I wanted to please everyone, so my life was me holding a mirror and believing whatever was reflected back to me. If you were happy with me, you loved me, I was happy, I believed that I was worthy of love. If you were upset with me, disappointed, rejected me? I was not loved.”

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Finding Your inner King David

“Truthfully, when I compare myself to others, I am denying the greatness that He created.  There is only one me, and I have to be the best me, I can be.”

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Railing Against the Rain

Again, Jesus tries to get our attention, and at times we are so caught up in our anger and frustration at the situation we don’t even hear him call.

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Refining Your Soul

When I was a little girl I had to get glasses in kindergarten (much sooner than many of my classmates) and I remember I had this little brown case with a girl on it, and it said “Be Patient with me, God isn’t finished with me yet.”  So brothers and sisters I leave you with this good news – be patient and persevere; God got you here and God will see you through; GOD is not finished with you yet and He has great things in store — if you will keep your eyes on Him.

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Stuff Happens!

Since April I have been a chicken farmer!  They came in the mail, just day old chicks, and I carefully kept them in an old house next to mine with … Continue reading

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