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“The only Bible some People will Read is You”

I cannot take credit for this title, it was the proclamation on a church sign on my way to work, I pass this small country church everyday and it often has words that touch my heart and make me think. This sign in particular really struck me, because of it’s truth.  I have often repeated the phrase, that I heard from my good friend and Episcopal priest, “People love Jesus, they just hate the church.”  Much like this statement often the “Bible” that the unchurched have heard most,  is the bible of judgment and or Hell and brimstone, the lake of fire the ways we all are unworthy.  They have heard the all-mighty righteous spew the judgement as they pick the verses that make them feel,”better” than their fellow-man.  It’s this bible that our brothers and sisters in the world want no part of, and why would they?  Who would want to go to be berated and spoken down to, having others remind them of the hell they have coming.  I prefer to represent the unconditional LOVE Jesus lived and preached.

IF I am to be the only bible that people see may I be the bible and the Christ-like person that makes them want to know and read more.  May I be the light and the joy that God can bring to your life, may I represent the peace that passes all understanding.  If they are hungry let me feed them, if they thirst for knowledge or wisdom let me lead them, if they are hurt let me pray for them.  If they are un-loved, broken or lost let me be the answer, let me love them, mend them and give them hope. As another old saying goes “you get more flies with honey than vinegar” we have gone too long being the judge and jury for our brothers and sisters instead of the living, loving, light that Jesus called us to be.  SO I challenge you my friends be the bible that everyone would want to read be Christ-like, when others would stone you be the one writing in the sand, when others would shun you be the one sitting by the watering hole talking to that person, when no one will befriend you be the one who ask them to dinner.  When others would pass the addict by because they feel they are not worthy of a free meal, you be the one to feed them, you be the one to open your church, your arms and your home to those that others would gladly throw away….you be the bible this world needs,  you follow the actions and footsteps of Jesus, and then we might all have a better world.




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